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SoleSimple Sandals Shoe Custom Made

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SoleSimple Sandals Shoe Custom Made

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Brand: Solesimple
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  • Measuring Size Form   Size: 6.23 MB     [download]

Custom Measurements Guide

We specialize in custom fit sandal and would love to make a perfect pair for you! Wide, narrow, high arch, flat foot, bunion, special calf size, etc, we have you covered!

The custom fit is is very optional - if you tend to fit well into a standard size, no worries! Simply select your standard size and we'll get started on your sandal right away!

To measure, You'll Need:

    • 1 ballpoint pen, such as a simple Bic pen. If the pen is too thick, it will add extra space to your tracing!

    • 1 measuring tape (tailor's tape, not the stiff metal / plastic one)

    • A friend to help trace your foot (optional)

Your final tracing sheet must be saved as PDF , JPEG , PNG and include:

    1. Your name, email, average shoe size, and order number

    1. Tracing of one or both feet (one is fine, measure both if you feel they differ noticeably.We can make two different size shoes if you need.)

    1. Your measurements in centimeters, rounded to nearest quarter centimeter (1/4, 1/2, 3/4)

        • Length of foot in cm, measured from heel to longest toe

        • Around the ball of your foot (generally the widest part, where your toe bones begin)

        • Around the arch of your foot (generally in the middle of your foot, the most narrow or high point)

Foot Measuring Video
Watch the following video and follow along so you can quickly measure your feet correctly. Once you're done, please send your tracing as a PDF , JPEG , PNG and measurements to solesimpleshoe@gmail.com.

*Remember all file must be clear to see