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The SoleSimple Footbed

Our shoes are designed with biomechanical insoles that mimic natural footprints on sand, providing all-round support and comfort for your feet, joints, and back. The anatomical shape of the insole supports your natural walking movements and helps transfer pressure from the middle to the front of the foot, reducing foot pressure and promoting foot health. The raised edges protect the toes and guide the toes' gripping force, while the deep heel cup provides firm support and a stable, comfortable wearing experience. The insole lining is made of soft suede for comfort and dryness, and the shock-absorbing outsole with jute fiber enhances durability. The strong and elastic cork/rubber sole provides maximum support and exercise for your foot and leg muscles. Overall, every detail of our shoe design is carefully considered to enhance its performance and comfort and provide you with a more natural walking experience.

1. Footbed Edge                        - Deliberately elevated to protect the toes.

2. Toe Grip                                    - Guides the toes, promoting the natural rolling movement of the foot.

3. Biomechanics Footbed    - Helps shift pressure from the middle to the front of the foot.

4. Deep Heel Cup                     - Gives the foot a firm hold and maintains the heel profile.

5. Shock Absorbing Sole      - Flexible, lightweight, durable and shock absorbing.

6. Jute Fibers                             - Absorb moisture and strenghten footbed.

7. Cork Footbed                       - Firm, resillient cork / rubber base for maximum support.

8. Footbed Liner                      - Soft suede keeps your feet comfortable and dry.


Our History

When we are young, we often think that we can handle anything and neglect the importance of our physical health. However, our founder realized the importance of health after suffering a minor foot injury. To alleviate the pain, he had to wear custom-made shoes, but the exorbitant price was out of his reach. It was then that he realized the huge potential of the sandal market, especially for those that offer comfort and health benefits.


From that moment on, he began to study the production and design of shoes to create sandals that met his own needs. During the production process, he discovered a common problem in the market: unreasonable design and discomfort. He began to contemplate whether he could use his experience and skills to create sandals that were both fashionable and healthy, providing people with a better experience.


Over the next few years, our founder actively explored and innovated, using a variety of materials in the production process. Eventually, he found a miraculous material - cork. This material has many advantages such as lightweight, good elasticity, and antibacterial properties. Moreover, as the bark of cork trees can naturally regenerate, using cork can also contribute to the environment. Therefore, he decided to apply this material to his sandal design.


After continuous experimentation and improvement, our founder finally created a unique pair of cork sandals. They are both lightweight and durable, and extremely comfortable to wear. They not only bring health and comfort to the wearer, but also represent an environmentally-friendly material. Thus, he transformed this concept into a brand - SoleSimple.


The creation of the SoleSimple brand represents our founder's commitment to environmental protection and healthy living. All of our shoes are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen, with each pair embodying their passion for handcraftsmanship and environmental concepts. Today, SoleSimple sandals have become the pursuit of many people, both fashionable and healthy.

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